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The Thief's Tale

Winner Sir Julius Vogel Award, 2016
Best Short Story

Whitney is a thief. A good one. Like a mosquito she comes in quietly, first anaesthetising, then feeding, and finally leaving before her prey know any better. It’s a strategy which has worked for her 22 times in the past. But when she lands in Refuge, a discovery at an estate sale opens the door to other possibilities.


Cover art by Will Jacques (C) 2015


The THIEF'S TALE is now a fabulous radio play. 


Adapted from the original text by Dan Rabarts, directed produced by Sherri Rabinowitz, THE THIEF'S TALE  stars the talented voice actors of Sherri's Playhouse. Cast:

Whitney - Cathy Kutz                                    Agent / Linda - Arielle Strauss

Mal / Marty - Raymond Brent                     Emeritas / Gardener - Ty Pickett

 Thalia / Ginger - J'nae Rae Spano              Josie - Michele Foster

Narration by Sherry Rabinowitz

You can listen to the play for free HERE or click through on the image. 

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