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By Lee Murray and Angela Yuriko Smith

MMW ebook cover.jpg

Yuriko Publishing LLC (May 24, 2021)

ISBN978-7372083-2-7, 152 pages

From two HWA Mentors of the Year: Lee Murray, two-time Bram Stoker Award® Winner, and Angela Yuriko Smith, publisher at Space and Time magazine and Bram Stoker Award® Finalist, Mark My Words is crammed with advice to make your manuscript shine.

Offering practical revision techniques ranging from big-picture structural elements to punctuation, a revision checklist, and practice exercises, Mark My Words is the quintessential guide for authors preparing to submit their manuscripts to mentors, beta-readers, and commissioning editors. With essential tips and strategies from industry professionals including Ellen Datlow, Linda D. Addison, Kevin Wetmore, Geneve Flynn, Eric J. Guignard, Nicholas Diak, Michele Brittany, and many others. Bonus material includes an essay from an editor’s perspective by Bram Stoker Award®-winner Rena Mason, an interview by Angela Yuriko Smith with author and entrepreneur Leonard Speiser, and interviews by Bram Stoker Award®-winner Eugene Johnston with Gestalt publisher Jason Stokes and NYT Bestseller Jonathan Maberry.

“In the future, when beginning writers ask me what they need to do to get their work to a professional, publishable level, I’ll direct them to this book. It’s filled with warm, witty, no-nonsense advice from two writer/editors who know what they’re talking about. I wished I’d had it to guide me when I was starting out. It would’ve decreased my learning curve by years!” —Tim Waggoner, author of Writing in the Dark

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