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I occasionally take on editing, assessment, and mentoring for clients. Please contact me for availability and rates.

“Lee is an uncommonly kind person, who goes out of her way to help and support so many writers. I don’t know where she finds the time to write her own amazing stories. She is prolific and dedicated to all aspects of her work as a creative entrepreneur and artist. Since I started collaborating with Lee, my writing and editorial skills have improved beyond measure. More importantly, my confidence and drive has been lifted through working with Lee as an ongoing mentor. Lee is also graciously thankful to the people she helps, acknowledging how much she gains from working with others.” — MC


“I’ve used Lee’s Mentoring services for two and a half months now and my writing has improved tenfold in this time. Her mentorship has changed the way I approach creative writing and because of her overall attention to detail, I have gained invaluable insight into plotting, character development, grammar and punctuation, flow, manuscript formatting and layout,  point of view, internal/external thought of characters and more. One thing I really like is that Lee is honest and forthright with her feedback, and it has made me rise to the occasion in every respect… I am very fortunate to have found the perfect mentor in Lee Murray. She is always punctual with feedback, open to queries, and supportive of my needs as a novice writer.” — WC


“Lee, I’m blown away by how helpful you are… thank you SO much!  Your notes and notations are fantastic.  Your comments are definitely reinforcing things I had suspected myself about the ms, and so I’m enjoying the process of cutting out all those unnecessary words, tightening up [my character’s] internal monologues, and revisiting the ending to strengthen [her] emotional growth.  It will be a much better story at the end of all these changes.” — TH (published author of several mainstream novels).

“As a writer, are stories ever truly complete??? I think the chapter is much better – it actually sounds like something I might read– if that makes sense. Your ideas are great. It helps me immensely to narrow down on what I need to do . Keep them coming. If I don’t agree with something, I will discuss it with you.  You’re the expert – I’m trying to soak up all I can.” — T

"Lee's mentorship was by far the greatest educational experience I’ve ever had in writing. I was constantly floored by the quality and quantity of her feedback." — IB, HWA Mentee

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