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Just some of my poems which have been selected to appear in anthologies alongside some of my favourite poets.


The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Fourteen

Edited by E.F. Schraeder and Elaine Schleiffer

Terrified, desperate, and rebellious—before 1973, those were routine reactions for anyone trapped and in trouble. Access to reproductive health care has been chipped away for decades until a single decision once again mired a new generation in historic trauma and modern repression. The voices of In Trouble explore the fantastic and ordinary ways lives are overturned by unplanned or unexpected arrivals. Includes my poem exquisite. 


A Woman Unbecoming

Edited by Rachel Brune and Carol Gyzander

Crone Girls Press presents A Woman Unbecoming, a charity anthology of horror and dark tales to benefit reproductive healthcare rights. Award-winning and up-and-coming authors share over two dozen stories and poems. If you like intense characters, powerful women, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this fierce anthology. Includes my poem status transcript.


The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Fourteen

Edited by Ellen Datlow

For more than four decades, Ellen Datlow has been at the center of horror. Bringing you the most frightening and terrifying stories, Datlow always has her finger on the pulse of what horror readers crave. Now, with the thirteenth volume of the series, Datlow is back again to bring you the stories that will keep you up at night.  Includes my poem fox girl. 


Under Her Skin

Edited by Lindy Ryan & Toni Miller

A showcase of poetry from some of the darkest and most lyrical voices of women in horror.


Under Her Skin features the best in never-before-published dark verse and lyrical prose from the voices of Women in Horror. Centered on the innate relationship between body horror and the female experience, this collection features work from Bram-Stoker Award® winning and nominated authors, as well as dozens of poems from women (cis and trans) and non-binary femmes. Includes my featured poem Shameful. 


The Gargoylicon

Edited by Frank Coffman

THE GARGOYLICON: IMAGININGS AND IMAGES OF THE GARGOYLE IN LITERATURE AND ART is a compendium of visions and unique perspectives on this intriguing and enigmatic figure. Beyond its function as a water spout to send potentially damaging rain water away from walls and foundations of buildings, it has also been seen as both a symbol of Evil forces and, in seeming contradiction, as a protector against the same. Was it meant to also frighten the unbeliever into faith and keeping the "straight and narrow path," or, perhaps, to attract pagans due to its grotesque and monstrous appearance-the stuff of their legends? The poetry, fiction, and art in this tome offer a great variety of perspectives upon and interpretations of these wonders.  Includes my poem Cursed, and my cover art. 


Hybrid: Misfits, Monsters and Other Phenomena

Edited by David Armfield & Maxwell I. Gold

20 Stories and poems with themes of otherness, outcasts, and creatures birthed by random or purposeful mutation, evolution, or perhaps even, a curse. Hybrids have always persisted in our cultures, fused through the construction / deconstruction of our own nightmares, dreams, and fantasies. These tales come from literal, metaphysical dualities that created something blended, something bizarre, something that didn’t quite belong, but will always remain. Beyond the darkness the creatures within can be unsettling, terrible or bleak. The fear that these creatures exist; lurking in shadows, or hidden in plain sight, can only leave one to wonder. Includes my poem Maero


Nombono: Anthology of Speculative Poetry by BIPOC Creators from Around the World

Edited by Akua Lezli Hope

In the stunning and imaginative NOMBONO: An Anthology of Speculative Poetry by BIPOC Creators From Around the World, we are presented with visions, invocations, foretellings, and bold harbingers. NOMBONO, drawing from the Zulu word for "visionary," brings together mystical dreams and possibilities that are at times both striking and devastating. This anthology asks: are we on a bright threshold or at the edge of a dark precipice? Are we about to take flight and evolve or plummet into cataclysm? Around each corner in this book there may be a hyena man, salmon women, Mananggal, prayers, or curses. There is steady, unbroken eye contact, and there is fierce joy and fury. Here we have the limitless, boundless exploration of resplendent worlds. Includes my poem Mezozoic.

SpaceandTime 139.jpg

Space and Time 139

Edited by Angela Yuriko Smith, Poetry Editor Linda D Addison

The final issue of 2020... we all dealt with the trauma of the year in different ways. For creatives, they expressed themselves in words and images. Here are stories that deal with race and bias, with fear and death. How we deal with losing a loved one... and an unloved one. There is some laughter in the mix as well as some tears. Poetry, reviews, interviews and a graphic short come together with outstanding illustrations to make a bit of brilliance here in the darkest month of the darkest year many of us have ever experienced. Includes my poem Explorer.


Space and Time 137

Edited by Angela Yuriko Smith, Poetry Editor Linda D Addison

Welcome to Space and Time magazine—the oldest continuously published speculative fiction semi-pro in print—since 1966.The #137 Summer issue is a miracle. Despite the pandemic, the social unrest, the shortages we've prevailed. A dozen authors, seventeen poets, and a small army of artists have worked together to bring forth stories that speak of other realities. Many of them echo the current one with eerie accuracy. Speculative fiction brings the unthinkable to the conscious mind and allows us to roleplay the effects of dystopia. In the summer of 2020 as misinformation and fear spread faster than the COVID-19 virus, these stories are vital. They demonstrate our future... and give us the hope we can survive it. Includes my poem Lessons from Poe.

Poetry showcase.jpg

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII

Edited by Stephanie Wytovich

The Horror Writers Associations presents their seventh annual Poetry Showcase, featuring the best in never-before-published dark verse. Edited by Stephanie M. Wytovich, this year's featured poets are K. P. Kulski, Sarah Read, and Sara Tantlinger, plus dozens of poems from the talented members of the Horror Writers Association. Includes my poem Retourne. Cover art by Robert Cabeen.


HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VI

Edited by Stephanie Wytovich

The sixth volume of the Horror Writers Association's annual Poetry Showcase has arrived, and it's full of the lyrical dark delights fans thrill to! Edited by Bram Stoker Award-winner Stephanie M. Wytovich, this volume includes new work by featured poets Michael Arnzen, Michael Bailey, and Saba Syed Razvi, as well as nearly 50 others. Includes my poem Dear Christine. Cover art by Robert Cabeen.

2023-04-12 13.20.58.jpg

Byline 2022

An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Tauranga Writers

 Curated and edited by Tracy Benton.

Includes my poem Sealing Fate

2023-04-12 13.20.51.jpg

Byline 2021

An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Tauranga Writers

 Curated and edited by Chad Dick.

Includes my poem Conversation with my husband while caravanning in Rotorua

2021-02-23 15.00.11.jpg

Byline 2020

An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Tauranga Writers

 Curated and edited by Chad Dick.

Includes my poem A Curated Garden

2021-02-23 15.00.17.jpg

Byline 2019

An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Tauranga Writers

 Curated and edited by Chad Dick.

Includes my sonnet, Hell Pigs and Other Futures, and my instructional poem, How to Catch And Eel in the 70s

2019-12-13 00.20.19.jpg

Byline 2018

An Anthology of Poetry and Prose from Tauranga Writers

 Curated and edited by Chad Dick.

Includes my poem A Single Point

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