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Film Projects

Screenwriter (with Mia Maramara and Hweiling Ow) of feature film Grafted, a fox spirit horror drama from producers Murray Francis of Propaganda and Leela Menon and Fraser Brown of Fluoroblack. Featuring the acting talent of Joyena Sun, Jared Turner, Jess Hong, Eden Hart and Sepiutaruth To’a with supporting roles by Ginette McDonald and Mark Mitchinson, the film is directed by Bafta-nominated director Sasha Rainbow.  In production.

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Madness and Writers: The untold Truth. Maybe? 



Lee Murray joins our line-up of featured writers. Accolades include the Bram Stoker, Shirley Jackson, Australian Shadows, and the Sir Julius Vogel Award. What hasn't she won? From one of her characters: "Are you going to argue the odds or are you going to help me?”

Executive Producers: Velva Carter-Maloof and David Maloof, Directed by: Jamal Hodge, Starring: Lukas Hassel (our host)

Producers: Velva Carter-Maloof, David Maloof, Michael Bailey, Jamal Hodge and D. M. Rheingold

Screenwriters: Michael Bailey, L. Marie Wood, Velva Carter-Maloof, Cinematographer: Kalani Jimenez-Mackson

Sound: Ruben Morales, Casting: Cherry Weiner, Associate Producer: Linda D Addison, Lead Editor: Ron Saunders Jr.


Episodes will include: Josh Malerman, Linda D Addison, Michael Bailey, Stephen Graham Jones, Paul Tremblay, L. Marie Wood, David A. Simpson, Lee Murray, and many more. Artwork by Luke Spooner.  In production.



a Dark Place
Based on Lee's essay "Writing from a Dark Place" which appeared in Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety  edited by Naomi Arnold (VUP), A Dark Place (from Director Isaiah Tour) is a short animated horror film, one of eight tales of hope compassion, and insight, in this anthology and portmanteau feature from Aotearoa (New Zealand). A dark fantasy exploring cultural anxiety, A Dark Place is intended for family viewing. Contact Producer David Jacobs of DJ Stories for information.

Director: Isaiah Tour
Writers: Isaiah Tour & Lee Murray
A Life Like This, Losing My Language
A young Chinese boy confronts his dangerous demons.
Screenshot 2023-04-13 142627.png

“A DARK PLACE is a special film in my heart, and the message is so clear: that anxiety is not something that you can make disappear. It’s more about acknowledging its existence and finding ways to manage it. An animated short horror fantasy is the perfect way to relay this information in an entertaining, beautiful, and evocative way.”

-- Isaiah Tour

Screenplays in Progress -- not yet optioned
Hounds of the Underworld (with Dan Rabarts).  A feature-length screenplay, based the novel of the same name byDan Rabarts and Lee Murray, the first title in their award-winning Path of Ra supernatural crime-noir series (Raw Dog Screaming Press). 

Burning Iron (with Doug  A. Van Belle). A feature-length horror thriller screenplay described as an Agatha Christie in space. 

Glow. A feature-length speculative docudrama based on Lee Murray's forthcoming novelette Glow: An Oral History. 

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