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Free Reads by Lee

Penny Divers & Other Stories

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 If you'd like to sign up to my newsletter (using the contact page or the join button above) you'll automatically receive a free ebook collection of dark fiction stories, Penny Divers & Other Stories, not available anywhere else and comprising several award-winning tales. Signing up doesn't get you deluged with spam: I never send more than five newsletters annually, and each newsletter is crammed with information about my latest projects, recent events,  free fiction and poetry (and pictures of my dog)  -- and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time and the book is yours to keep. 



 My short story story "Lifeblood" which first appeared in Grimdark Magazine Issue 19, has been performed by the fabulous folks at Pseudopod, and you can read (or listen to Heath Miller's narration) for free by clicking this LINK. 

The story also appears in my Bram Stoker Award-winning collection, Grotesque: Monster Stories.


"Lifeblood" is a historical grimdark story of poverty and desperation set in the gumfields of New Zealand. Grimdark Magazine's gorgeous cover image, by artist Jason Deem, was inspired by the story. 

I'm a a full-time writer -- it's how I make my living -- so it would really help if you would buy my books and stories and support the editors and publishers who have invested in my work. However, if you're new to my writing and prefer to try before you buy, or if things are a bit tight for you right now, then please feel free to enjoy the stories on this page, or browse any of the interviews and articles located on this website. I will always do my best to provide digital review copies to reviewers in return for an honest appraisal. 


If you're having trouble locating my work, please contact me via this site or ask for my books at your local library.

Permanent Damage


 My Bram Stoker Award-winning short story "Permanent Damage" which first appeared in Attack of the 80s, edited by Eugene Johnson (Raw Dog Screaming Press) has been narrated by Avon Shore and produced by Tales to Terrify, Episode 570, and you can listen to for free by clicking this LINK. 

The story has also been translated into Romanian by Eliza Filimon and published in Galaxia 42/ 33 Dec, 2022.


Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness_Lee Murray_Final (1).jpg

 My short story "Into the Darkness",  is a quick-read Taine McKenna adventure, which falls between Into the Mist and Into the Sounds. You can read it for free by clicking this LINK. 

**Sometimes Amazon likes to sneakily put the price up to $1 despite my reminders that the story should be permafree. If you find the book is not free at any time, please contact me via this site and I will forward you a digital copy. 

The story is set in France and full of pulpy military monster horror. I hope you enjoy it!

My poem, "Interview with a Goddess", first published in my Bram Stoker Award-winning collaborative poetry collection, Tortured Willows: Bent, Bowed, Unbroken, was a Rhysling Award-nominee in 2022. You can hear me read it for free here by clicking the image. 

Of Horror and Hope


Compiled in collaboration with Angela Yuriko Smith on behalf of the Wellness Committee of the Horror Writers Association, Of Horror and Hope is an anthology of poems, flash fiction, and reflections on mental illness and horror from HWA members. An uplifting and humbling read, this volume is available for free download to the public on the HWA website. Includes a foreword by my HWA Wellness Committee Co-Chair Dave Jeffery and cover art by Australian artist and horror writer, Greg Chapman. 

You can access the work for free HERE. 

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