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Conclave 7

​Rowan knew nothing about the secret in his DNA until he found himself on the Terrean team bound for Conclave Seven, the universal Games held every millennia. But on the eve of the Games, knowing he’s a direct descendant of the warrior Spartacus is looking less like a gift and more like a death sentence…

An intergalactic survival game of survival. All species of the universe have their teens gather to fight for their survival. Somewhat a hunger games style, though still very different. They fight each other, their environmental challenges and deadly creatures. I really enjoyed this story, it will have you on the edge of your seat wondering who will come out on top of this futuristic gladiator style contest.

— The Book Dragon

Conclave Seven by Lee Murray, is a kind of galactic competition involving solving potentially lethal problems and, akin to the Hunger Games, possibly knocking off some of the competition along the way. The story follows four unfortunate young humans, all strangers, who, because of their genetic links to an ancient warrior, were selected to compete against several alien species to retain their world's place in the galactic government league table. It's an entertaining and action-packed story with themes on teamwork and ethics, great writing and dialogue.

— Kevin Berry, author


Conclave Seven is a kind of pan-galactic death race. Four Terrans battle every type of ugly alien imaginable to save themselves and the future of humanity. This is a gripping account that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Again, the characters are well-drawn and by the last page feel like old friends. The action pounds along at a rapid drum beat while the monsters and otherworldly landscapes acutely realised.

— Ian Charles Douglas, author of the Zeke Hailey Mars adventures

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