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Learn more about Lee and her work: articles, podcasts, vlogs

On Mentorship:

Demystifying the Magic of Mentorship by Lee Murray, on Kendall Reviews


The Magic of Mentorship by Daron Kappauff, on Kendall Reviews

Dead Headspace, hosted by Patrick R. McDonough & Brennan LaFaro (below):

On Anxiety, Depression, Creativity, and Wellbeing:

Horror in Real Life,  by Lee Murray, Newsroom


Staring Down the Darkness, Lee Murray and Tabbatha Wood, Gingernuts of Horror.

Out of the Darkness, Lee Murray and Dave Jeffery, Horror Writers Association.

In Defense of Monster Stories: Lee Murray, on Gingernuts of Horror.

Writing in the Pandemic:

Writing from my Bubble by Lee Murray, on Join Me in the Madhouse by Stephanie Wytovich. 

The Backstory of the Poem on Chris Rice Cooper's Blogsite.

Pandemic Horror: Interview by Silvia Canton Rondini


Women in Horror:

Women in Horror, by Lee Murray (interview with Claire Fitzpatrick)

WiHM: Western Asian Perspectives on Being Perpetual Outsiders, with Geneve Flynn, The Horror Tree

WiHM: Unquiet: A Reading List of Asian Women in Horror, With Geneve Flynn, The Horror Tree

Lee Franklin's Women in Horror Series: Lee Murray

Women in Horror 2022: Interview with Lee Murray

Grimoire of Horror 2022: Celebrating Women in Horror Month

Heritage and Culture

Interstellar Flight Press: How Heritage Affects the Stories We Live and the Stories We Write (Interview)

GDM Of Home and Heritage, by Lee Murray (essay).


Asian Horror

Panel Interview: Lee Murray, Geneve Flynn, Angela Yuriko Smith, Christina Sng, Rena Mason, and K.P. Kulski
by Frances Lu-Pai-Ippolito

New Zealand Gothic

Underworld Gothic by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, HWA Halloween Haunts, Oct 2017

Landscape and Magical Places. A Chat with Shadow Atlas editor Hillary Dodge

Magical Systems

The Supernatural Underground (Lee Murray interviewed by Helen Lowe)

Collaborative Writing:

Lumberjacks Are Okay: Collaborative Writing, by Lee Murray, (published first in Breachzine 2018)

Writing in General:

Research: The Lifeblood of a Story, by Lee Murray, in Sci Fi & Scary

In Defense of Monster Stories: Lee Murray

Chilling Chat with Naching T Kassa: Interview with Lee Murray on

ReadNZ Writers Files

3Qs Lee Murray is Here to Share the Love, interview with Steve Stred


2021 Editor of the Year, Lit Retreat, interviewed by Nisar Sufi

These Six Horror Anthologists are Masterful Curators of Terror in Line Up by Becky Spratford


HWA Poetry Roundtable: Ladies of Verse Part 1

The Pantoum: A Recurring Force in Asian Poetry by Lee Murray, in Blood and Spades by Marge Simon. 

Book to film:

Australian Times News: Book to Film. What Makes a Story Cinematic?

Bram Stoker Award Responses & Articles:

Press releases on Creative Bay of Plenty/NZ Kete/Coalition of New Zealand Books

Focus Magazine (2021) Kiwi writer Lee Murray wins two prestigious Bram Stoker Awards. Focus Magazine, 25 May 2021

Radio New Zealand. Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan.  25 May 2021. Tauranga Horror Writer Wins international Award. RNZ  25 May 2021 (10 mins)

Radio New Zealand, Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, 15 June 2021, How to Write a Horror Story, RNZ  (10 mins)

Big Idea Editor (2021) Arts Uproar Won't Go Away: Stoked Over Stokers. The Big Idea. 27 May 2021

Tomes and Tales: Interview with Lee Murray, Part 1

Tomes and Tales: Interview with Lee Murray, Part 2

Sunday Star Times, Book Reviews, Focus, What I'm Reading: Lee Murray, June 6, 2021, pg 25.

Garicia, Maryana (2021) Bay of Plenty fiction author wins Bram Stoker Award. Bay of Plenty Times/ Herald , 31 May 2021.


The Weekend Sun, Black Cranes and Monster Stories, Rosalie Liddle, Friday 13 August, 2021


Some Interviews with Lee:

Wellington Libraries: Award-winning Writer Lee Murray, Part ONE, Part TWO,  Part THREE. 


Voices from the Well, by Lee Murray (with Tabbatha Wood)

Australian SF Snapshot 2020: Lee Murray

Kendall Reviews Graveyard Shift with Lee Murray

Sci-Fi and Scary Interview with Lee Murray

Thousand Scars Blog: Authors in Isolation

JMQ Literary Chat

Horror Fuel

Weird Tales: Interview Lee Murray

Creative Patapatai (Creative Bay of Plenty) Lee Murray

Focus Magazine: Reaching Out to Young Writers, by Jenny Argante

HP Lovecast Podcast Review #36 with Michele Brittany and Nicholas Diak: Cthulu Deep Down Under II. 

Podcasts and Vlogs

            Halloween 2020: Impromptu ghost story game with Angela Yuriko Smith and friends

Author Interview with E.G Stone for Sci-Fi Fantasy Focus, 2020

Author in Focus Podcast with JMD Reid, 2020

Eating the Fantastic Podcast interview with Scott Edelman, 2020

Galactic Terrors Reading Series, January 2021.

HP Lovecraft Podcast with Michele Brittany and Nicholas Diak (Episode 7, Feb 2021)

Attack of the Eighties: Horror Nerds at Church, September 2021 (with Ben Monroe and Eugene Johnson), Sept 2021

Project Tempest with Colin Roswell, October 2021 (1hr 20)

HP Lovecast Podcast: Attack of the 80s with Lee Murray, Jennifer Barnes, and Rena Mason

New Horror Express with Scott Murphy: Interview with Lee Murray

Bohemiana with George Penney: Interview with Lee Murray

House of Mystery Radio on NBC, interviewed by Al Warren and Eric Shapiro

Dear Writer, with Sarah Anderson and Ashley Lindsay. 



Behind the Keyboard #5 with RF Blackstone: Lee Murray  March 2021 (2 hours)

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now

The AHWA's Redback Room with Kyla Lee Ward: Lee Murray  & Dan Rabarts, August 2021 (1 hour)

READ FOR PIXELS 2021: Storytelling and Justice for Women in Speculative Fiction, Sept 2021
Regina Yau, Nisi Shawl, Dana Cameron, and Lee Murray ( 1 hour)

Going West Festival October 2021 Escape Rooms
Jack Remiel Cottrell, Nalini Singh, Octavia Cade, and Lee Murray ( 1 hour)

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