Conferences, workshops, book launches, readings, school visits — read about upcoming events here, or check out my gallery for past events.

2021 Appearances (Virtual and in-person)




Litopia Pop Up Submissions (VIRTUAL)

Dragon’s den-style analysis of real book projects hosted by UK literary agent Peter Cox

Guest appearances on Sundays 5pm London Time on January 2, March 21, and June 27.



Crystal Lake Publishing Patron Guest of Honour for January (VIRTUAL)

Galactic Terrors Reading Series January 14 (VIRTUAL)

HP Lovecraft Podcast with Michele Brittany and Nicholas Diak (VIRTUAL)



Tauranga Writers’ Sunday Focus Session (IN PERSON)

Sunday 21 February 2-4pm @ Greerton Library. $5 Members, $10 Non-members

Literary Goal Setting by Lee Murray



Young New Zealand Writers Facilitator Retreat, Matamata, March 13-14

AllAccessCon Writing in the Dark Symposium Spring Edition, March 26-28 (VIRTUAL)



Run the World Adventure Summit (VIRTUAL)

Panel Discussion: Fight Scenes that Pack a Punch

Time: 5:00pm EDT(US) Location: Princess Leia Room

What makes a good fight scene? How do you balance authenticity with entertainment? How much detail is too much? Authors provide tips to writing a scene that’ll have your enemies running scared.

Panellists: Lee Murray, K. Moore, Alan Baxter, Nick Thacker Mod: Nick Thacker



StokerCon 2021 (VIRTUAL) May 20-23 (VIRTUAL)

Horror University Session Thursday, May 20, 3 P.M. EST (VIRTUAL)

Manuscript Magic presented by Lee Murray and Angela Yuriko Smith (7am Friday 21, NZST)

Practical tips and strategies for polishing and presenting your manuscript in a professional manner. Suitable for writers of short story through to complete series, and supported with concrete examples, information, and hand-outs, this workshop will arm you with actionable tasks to help get your manuscript off the slush and into the hands of readers.

Librarians’ Day Panel Friday May 21 (Sat 22 6.30am in NZST)

2:30-3:30: Meet the Press: Omnium Gatherum: Konrad Stump, Moderator. Lee Murray, Lisa Morton, Kate Maruyama, Donna JW Munro, S. Alessandro Martinez

Mentorship in the HWA May 23 9 A.M. EST (VIRTUAL) (24 May NZST 1am!)

Panel Discussion

Panellists: Lee Murray, Angela Yuriko Smith (and others)

Reading Slot  TBA Virtual, prerecorded event. 


Balticon 55 Convention 29-31 May 2021 (VIRTUAL)



Young New Zealand Writers Youth Day Out 2021 (IN PERSON)

Friday June 18 All Day NZST

Full Day Workshops and Book Launches (including Not There But Somewhere youth anthology)

Workshop: It's Showtime! Using ‘Show and Tell’ techniques to add suspense to your fiction.

In this workshop, authors Lee Murray and Denika Mead reveal how to ramp up the tension and make your readers shiver. Inject some terror into your writing -- if you dare!


Tauranga Writers Sunday Focus Session (IN PERSON)

Sunday 20 June, 2-4pm NZST @ Greerton Library. $5 Members, $10 Non-members

Worldbuilding: A Panel Discussion. Sunday2-4pm @ Greerton Library. $5 Members, $10 Non-members.

Join our expert panel of speculative writers as they discuss how they create plausible engaging worlds for readers of all ages. Moderated by SpecFicNZ president Grace Bridges, with panellists, Karen Cossey, Sharon Manssen, and Jean Gilbert.



AllAccessCon Launch Event for Like Sunshine After Rain, edited By Heidi Ruby Miller.


Word that Work, South Auckland Writers Festival (IN PERSON)

Saturday 24 July 2021 at Nathan Homestead, 70 Hill Rd, Manurewa. 1:30 to 3pm NZST.

Accessing speculative narratives—Lee Murray

Part presentation and part workshop, in this session writers will explore ways in which speculative content can enrich and inform our narratives, with practical exercises and ideas for writers to develop and expand their own writing practice.

Flash Fiction panel discussion with moderator Anita Arlov ‘How to fly in a small space’



August – November: Grimshaw Sargeson Writer Residency, Auckland.

Rotorua Writers’ Group (IN PERSON)

Saturday 14 August 9:30-4:00pm

Self-editing and Show-Not-Tell workshops presented by Lee Murray



Massey University Off the Page (IN PERSON)

Friday 1 October, Massey University

An ‘in conversation’ with Lee Murray

2020 Appearances


April - UK StokerCon, Scarborough, 17-19 April  **** now postponed due to COVID-19 precautions

Rescheduled for August. 

May - NZ Featherston Booktown, Featherston, 8-10 May  **** cancelled due to COVID-19 precautions.

Virtual programmng anticipated for June.  ****now cancelled.

May - USA BaltiCon 54, Baltimore, Maryland, 22-25 May  **** virtual only due to COVID-19 precautions.

Friday, May 22, 10PM (Eastern) FREE

So What is Horror?

Chad Eric Smith (Moderator), L. Marie Wood, Lee Murray, Alan Smale, John Wiswell

What is it that makes horror a distinct genre, and what experience are audiences seeking to get out of it? How has our definition of what constitutes "horror" changed over time? How do ideas and concepts break out from horror into other genres, such as paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and what makes horror's use of them different?

50 minutes



Saturday, May 23, 9PM (Eastern) FREE

Getting the Most From a Writers’ Association

Jean Marie Ward (Moderator), Bud Sparhawk, Jamaila Brinkley, Sarah Pinsker, Lee Murray

Genre association groups such as the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) and the Romance Writers Association (RWA), as well as more local groups like the Maryland Writers Association (MWA), can offer benefits and perks. Panelists talk about what different groups have to offer and how to get the most out of your membership.

50 minutes.


June - NZ Young New Zealand Writers' Youth Day, 19 June  **** virtual event only. FREE








July - NZ South Auckland Writers’ Festival, Auckland  **** cancelled.

July - NZ ConZealand, Wellington, 28 July 0 3 August  **** virtual event only


Book launch: Somewhere Else by Sally McLennan. Format: Launch. 29 July 2020, Wednesday 11:00.


Nevertheless, She Persisted: The Explosion of the Heroine in the 50 Years Since Mia Havero Format: Panel

30 Jul 2020, Thursday 15:00 - 15:50, Programme Room 3

Protaganists in SF and fantasy used to be primary male. Heinlein’s juveniles, for example, although featuring a strong female secondary character (who arguably was the one who actually was the smarter and more able character) had male leads. This began to change in the late 1960s, with books like Rite of Passage, and now non-male protagonists are common. The panel looks at the trend, discusses its implications, and talks about some of their favorites. 

Serious imposter syndrome as I’ll be joining Maiya Ibrahim, Rebecca Kuang (Harper Voyager), Catherine Lundoff (Queen of Swords Press), and Glenda Larke for this highly topical subject.

Asian Women of Horror: The Experience of Perpetual "Otherness" Through the Lens of Dark Fiction Format: Panel

30 Jul 2020, Thursday 17:00 - 17:50, Programme Room 3

 Asian women of horror dissect their experiences of "otherness." Whether in the colour of their skin, the angle of their cheekbones, the things they dare to write, or the places they have made for themselves in the world, how does dark fiction let us explore their very real experience?

For this one, I’ll be joining my Black Cranes co-editor Geneve Flynn, and award-winning Japanese fantasy author Umiyuri Katsuyama.

Reading: Lee Murray Format: Reading

31 Jul 2020, Friday 15:30 - 15:55, Reading Room 1

Walking the Journey: The Role of Nature and Place in Speculative Fiction Format: Panel

1 Aug 2020, Saturday 13:00 - 13:50, Programme Room 3

How do we use our sense of place and our awareness of the natural world in our storytelling? There’s the place of our ancestry with its traditional stories; there’s the place of our birth and upbringing; and there’s the place where we live now. All play a part in shaping how, and what, we write. Often our spiritual beliefs and practices are anchored by the place of our origins. What happens to our stories when we move away from that place? In this panel, writers from Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia discuss what place means to them, and its role in shaping their creative writing.

I’ll be joining my Kiwi colleagues Juliet Marillier and Dan Rabarts, and Australian academic and community-builder, Gillian Polack, for this topic.  

August - Quills (Utah) Conference, 13-16 August, virtual event


Sept - NZ New Zealand’s National Writers Forum, Auckland, 4-6 September  **** cancelled, rescheduled for 2021

Sept - NZ Manuwatu Writers' Festival, Public Library, Feilding, 11-14 September

 Saturday, September 12th,  2:45pm - 4:00 Presentation: ‘Speculative futures’ by Lee Murray

Saturday 12th Sept, 4:30 - 6:30 pm. Speculative Fiction Panel with panellists Octavia Cade, Melanie Harding-Shaw, Cassie Hart, and Laura McKay.

Sept - Beginners Guide to Writing, virtual event.


In this half-day session, award-winning writer-editor, Lee Murray, presents her tips and strategies for whipping your manuscript into shape and making your prose pop. Find out what to cut and why. Feel free to bring along your work in progress (and a red pen


Now a full-day free-to-access webinar series for youth, including workshops, interviews, readings, and book launches from award-winning New Zealand writers, including Lee Murray, Mandy Hager, Jean Gilbert, Piper Mejia, and William Dresden, and Sharon Manssen, & Denika Mead.

Lee Murray and Denika Mead present Poetry in Prose, a six-part webinar series  including three craft sessions, two readings, and an author interview. 


From Slush to Shine: Self-editing Your Manuscript: 10am-1pm MST, 4am-7am NZT.

In this three-hour workshop, multi-award-winning writer / editor Lee Murray (HWA Mentor of the Year) offers practical techniques to reduce your editorial costs and make your prose shine.

Previous Appearances

Grand Rapids, Michigan

08 May 2019

With guests, panels, readings, Horror University, the Final Frame Film Competition, the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference, the Bram Stoker Awards® … StokerCon™ is a premier event on any horror writer's calendar. I'll  be attending for the fourth time, and I'll be looking for word to participating in some panels, organising the reading slots, attending some workshops to sharpen my skills, heading to the awards banquet, and generally catching up with friends and colleagues. This year, Chair Brian Matthews and his team are putting together a fantastic convention. I'm thrilled to see my dear friend Kaaron Warren billing as one of the Guests of Honour and Jonathan Maberry taking over from Jeff Strand in the emcee role.  Check my blog for my schedule.

Rotorua, New Zealand

31 May 2019

I'm the Programme Director for New Zealand's national science fiction, fantasy an horror conference, GeyserCon. A great team of volunteers who are already hard at work planning the convention, which will he held in Rotorua over Queen's Birthday Weekend, 1-4 June, 2019. A one-day youth workshop will be held on the Friday before the conference, followed by two days of varied and engaging programming, including gaming and cosplay, a radio show, presentations, and culminating in the Sir Julius Vogel Award presentations. See the website for details.

Tauranga Writers' Sunday Workshops

2-hour local writing workshops

Throughout the year, Tauranga Writers, New Zealand's longest running writing group, holds monthly focus workshops on aspects of writing and publishing. Held 2-4pm on the the Third Sunday of the month at the Greerton Library in Tauranga, I'll be presenting two of these during the year.  Watch this space for topics and details.

20 May, 2018: Writing Fantasy and Fiction of the Future. Discussion, Q&A, and a writing exercise.


An Unconventional Hero

27 Sep 2018

By an unfortunate (and fortunate accident), I was the Guest of Honour for CONFLUX 14: The Unconventional Hero,

Canberra September 20 thru October 1, 2018, where I  appeared on panels about Writing for Youth, No Really - Giant Monsters are Real, and Can Horror be Funny? as well as a Guest of Honour speech in conversation with Kaaron Warren. I also heard pitches for Omnium Gatherum, celebrated the launch of Kaaron Warren's fabulous Tide of Stone, and attended the conference dinner in the company of fellow Guest of Honour and world kaiju expert, Robert Hood.


National Writers Forum

Making Magic Everyday - Workshop

22 Sep 2018

“Magical realism is a literary device or way of seeing in which there is space for the invisible forces that move the world: dreams, legends, myths, emotions, passion, history…When you allow dreams, visions, and premonitions to enter into your everyday life and your work as a writer, reality seems to expand.” —Isabel Allende

This practical workshop explores tools and techniques for stretching the boundaries of reality in fiction from our own backyard.

Conclave III

New Zealand National Conference, 2018

29 Mar 2018

New Zealand's 39th National Science Fiction and Fantasy convention will be held over Easter weekend at the Surrey Hotel in New Lynn, Auckland. Guests include Steve Wheeler and Karen Miller. I will appear on two panels:

Saturday 3pm. OTHER VOICES Science Fiction is no longer confined to works in English from Western Countries, if it ever was. What should you look for, and can you get it in English?

Sunday 11am. FOOLS IN SF&F. It's April Fools Day, so let’s discuss the foolish, the silly and the downright funny side of SF&F!

In addition, I'll be attending the launch of SpecFicNZ's inaugural showcase anthology, Te Korero Ahi Ka, to be held  at 1pm on Saturday. All welcome!

Biltmore, Rhode Island, Providence

28 Feb 2018

With guests, panels, readings, Horror University, the Final Frame Film Competition, the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference, the Bram Stoker Awards® … StokerCon™ is a premier event on any horror writer's calendar. I'll  be attending for the third time, and I'm be looking for word to participating in some panels, doing a reading, attending some workshops to sharpen my skills, heading to the awards banquet, and generally catching up with friends and colleagues. This year, it sounds as if there will be quite the antipodean contingent attending, most of whom share my cute accent! Check my February blogpost for my schedule.

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