Cthulhu Land of the Long White Cloud

Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira and Bryce Stevens (eds)

Introduction by Kaaron Warren


New Zealand—Aotearoa—Land of the Long White Cloud: the island remnants of the sunken continent of Zealandia. With its boiling geysers, active volcanoes, earthquakes, deep water fjords and lush forests of fern, these are realms once home to forgotten creatures like the giant Moa bird Dinornis. But there is something else…

In this collection we find an Aotearoa with the proud history, myths, and legends of the Māori, and the impacts of the white settler’s later presence, and the blended society that encompasses both, but we see the shadow of other things.

Herein lies the cosmic horror of the Old Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos in an anthology featuring Lovecraftian tales from some of New Zealand’s finest speculative fiction writers.

Stay brave. Because here there be monsters.

Tales of terror by: Debbie & Matt Cowens, J. C. Hart, David Kuraria, Tracie McBride, Paul Mannering, Lee Murray, Jane Percival, Dan Rabarts, Grant Stone, Lucy Sussex, Marty Young

Cover art and design by Steve Santiago

Beneath the Waves: Tales from the Deep 
Edited by Steve Dillon

From Things in the Well publications, terrifying tales from under the sea, this collection includes my story Penny Divers. With original fiction by Timothy G. Huguenin, Darren Todd, Dan LeRoy, Darin Hlavaz, Charlie Walls, Brian Craddock, Eric Dimbleby, Marc E. Fitch, Shannon Lawrence, Marie Michaels, Chris Mason, Aristo Couvaras, Rhoads Brazos, Matthew R. Davis, and classic short stories by HP Lovecraft, Clive Barker, HG Wells, Jules Verne, and Alfred Lord Tennyson.


Cover art by Bob Eggleton, and 12 interior illustrations by Will Jacques.

Cthulhu Deep Down Under II

Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira and Bryce Stevens (eds)



Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2 takes us back below the equator, into the bizarre and headlong towards horror. From mist-shrouded peaks and canyons of Melanesian islands, through rainforests and scorching deserts of the island continent of Terra Australis, and across the Tasman Sea to the inhospitable hinterlands of New Zealand. Includes my story Dead End Town. With original fiction by Kirstyn McDermott, Robert Hood, Jason Nahrung, Bill Congreve, J Scherpenhuizen, Silvia Brown, T.S.P. Sweeney, Geoff Brown, and David Kuraria, and introduction by Peter Rawlik.

Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters II 
Edited by NK Sharps and Alana Joli Abbott

Coming soon from Outland Publications — monstery goryness, including my story Maui's Hook, in this sequel to the successful Kaiju Rising anthology due for release in May 2018. Edited by Nick Sharps and Alana Joli Abbott and featuring work by some absolutely amazing authors (including some of my heroes) namely: Melanie R Meadows, Cullen Bunn, Kane Gilmour, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Nick Cole, Steven Diamond, Marie Brennan, Mari Murdock, Sabrina Vourvoulias, Zin E Rocklyn, Dann Wells, Jonathan Green, ML Brennan, and Seanan McGuire.

Fantastic cover art by Tan Ho Sim.

Between the Tracks:
Tales from the Ghost Train

From OzHorrorCon come 23 stories by Ramsey Campbell, M.R. James, Christopher Golden, Steve Vernon, Martin Livings, Paul Kane, Alan Baxter, Brian Craddock, Raven McAllister, Matthew R Davis, Dan Rabarts, Mark Allan Gunnells, Amdi Silvestri, Robert Mammone, Pete Sutton, Noel Osualdini, Jonathan Cromack, Charles Dickens, Marty Young, Steve Dillon, and G.M. Hague, and includes an essay about Clive Barker's epic The Midnight Meat Train reprinted in a unique annotated format by Sorcha NI Fhlainn. Including my story Trackers and with an introduction by Mark Alan Miller, this book is ideal for collectors and anyone who enjoys being scared on their daily commute! So, mind the gap and tread carefully as you tread Between the Tracks...

New Orbit Magazine 
Inaugural issue, October 2017

This is a place for uncomfortable little futures. 

New Orbit Magazine is an upcoming short story publication focused on the future, dystopia, and speculative/science fiction, themed around the concept of "uncomfortable little futures". It follows in the footsteps of the literary magazines that published the early works of Isaac Asimov, H.G. Wells, Roald Dahl and the like, and it runs alongside modern storytelling concepts like Black Mirror. The first issue includes a classic tale by Arthur C Clarke Finalist Phillip Mann, as well as a reprint of my Sir Julius Vogel Award winning story, Hope is the Thing With Feathers and an accompanying essay.

Shades of Santa 
Tales from the Bloody North Pole


A Christmas- themed anthology of short, scary stories using six themes from OzHorrorCon with all profits donated to charity. The themes are: Sleigh Bells, All is Calm, The Naughty List, Is That Really an Elf? Carols, Choirs, and Vocal Chords and Snow People. Authors were given just a couple of weeks to write a story for one of the themes, using a maximum 666 words for each story. Includes my story Santa Surprise. 

SNAFU: Unnatural Selection

 Cohesion Press

In SNAFU: Unnatural Selection, the monsters are wonderful, slobbering, phantasmas, the result of scientific accident or design, or casualties of the cracks in time. They are stories of soldiers, ordinary men and women pitted against the unimaginable, and the humanity they show in spite of such monstrous odds. Edited by Geoff Brown and A J Spedding, Snafu: Unnautural Selection includes stories by Dave Beynon, Justin Bell, James Moore and Charles R Rutledge, Justin Coates, Tim Lebbon, Christopher Golden, B Michael Radburn, Richrd Lee Byers, David Amendola and Michael McBride.

*Taine McKenna, NZDF, of Into the Mist makes an appearance  in a short story titled, Restless.

Gorgeous cover art by Dean Samed.

The Refuge Collection



A shared world collection of stories by an international line up, The Refuge Collection was established by publisher-editor Steve Dillon of OzHorrorCon with the aim of raising funds for Santuary charities (achievement successfully unlocked!) Includes stories by Paul Kane, Kaaron Warren, Martin Livings, Tracie McBride, Chris McCorkindale, Noel Osualdini, Brian Craddock, EJ McLaughlin and David Allen.

Includes my story The Thief's Tale, winner of the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Short Story, 2016

SQ Mag's Best of 2014

IFWG Publishing's e-zine SQ Mag offers up the best of 2014 with their second annual anthology. Star Quake pays homage to all the major genres of speculative fiction with work from writers all over the world. Edited by Sophie Yorkston, the book features twenty original stories by Ken Liu, Kaaren Warren, Sean Williams, and many more.

Includes my story Inside Ferndale, winner of SQ Mag's 2013 International StarQuest Story Competition, and winner of the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Short Story, 2014. You can read the story for free here in  SQ Mag.

The Best Of Twisty Christmas Tales



31 short stories by 27 authors, including Joy Cowley, David Hill, Lyn McConchie & Dave Freer.

What will Santa put under your tree this Christmas? A present that growls? Or one that smiles? The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales – crazy Christmas adventures for the whole family! Christmas in outer space or at the beach, havoc in Santa’s workshop, monsters running amok, and mad scientists who turn Christmas into chaos. Come along for the sleigh ride of your life, as these Twisty Tales weave their festive magic, whipping across New Zealand pastures, scattering fairy dust on the way to a Christmas BBQ! Includes my stories Bells, and The Christmas Pantomime.


Writing on the theme of strange tales of Aotearoa New Zealand, seven Kiwi authors weave stories of people and creatures displaced in time and space, risky odysseys, and even more dangerous discoveries. Edited by Marie Hodgkinson, Shortcuts features Lee Murray and Piper Mejia's odyssey through a dystopic future: Mika, A.C. Buchanan's story of creatures and people displaced in time and space: Bree’s Dinosaur, Grant Stone's tale of jealous muses and musical prodigy: The Last, a husband with a secret in I.K. Paterson-Harkness' Pocket Wife, Tim Jones' exploration of desperation and betrayal on New Zealand’s shores: Landfall, and Grief, ghosts, and atoms in Octavia Cade's The Ghost of Matter.



New Zealand Speculative Fiction II


Some things are gone forever; but that is not the end. There are new lives to be lived, new discoveries to be made, changes to be fought for, enjoyed, or feared. Experience worlds where existence continues beyond death and much-wanted babies become something else entirely. Where humanity endures in hostile environments, societies adapt to new challenges and inventions, and strange creatures live secretly among us. Random Static presents 22 original works of science fiction and fantasy by Kiwi authors. Featuring Matt Cowens, Tim Jones, Mary Brock Jones, O.J. Cade, Grace Bridges, I.K. Paterson-Harkness, Kylie Thorne, Debbie Cowens, J.C. Hart, Jennifer Compton, Simon Petrie, Anna Smith, Rebecca Harris, Elizabeth Gatens, Jonathan James Todd, A.J. Fitzwater, Fran Atkinson, Anna Caro, Dan Rabarts, Grant Stone, and Toni Wi. Includes my Sir Julius Vogel Award winning novelette, Cave Fever.

A Foreign Country
New Zealand Speculative Fiction I

A Foreign Country brings together established authors and fresh voices to showcaseNew Zealand's growing community of speculative fiction writers. Humorous, disturbing, intriguing, cautionary, and ultimately hopeful, these tales tell of worlds where the boundaries between human and animal are blurred, babies are not what they seem, desperate measures are in place to ward off disaster, and flying standby can be a big mistake. Stories by Philip Armstrong, Richard Barnes, Claire Brunette, Anna CaroMatt CowensBill DireenDale ElvyJ.C. HartPaul Haines, Miriam Hurst, Tim Jones, Susan Kornfeld, Juliet Marillier, James NorcliffeRipley PattonSimon Petrie, Brian Priestley, Marama Salsano, Lee Sentes, Janine Sowerby, and Douglas A. Van Belle.

*My story, Consumed was a finalist in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for Best Short Story. My first nomination!



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