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The Fortress of Faltryn

Fans of epic journeys and high adventure of the likes of classics like The Hobbit and Eragon will love the The Fortress of Faltryn, the second book in The Token Bearer Series by New Zealand fantasy writer, Derin Attwood. The Fortress of Faltryn features all of the aspects of fantasy that we have come to love: a band of travellers on a perilous journey in uncharted lands, a prophecy, strange and wonderful creatures, alliances and animosities, ancient stones, embattled histories, magic, and, of course, a mythical dragon awoken from his underground lair. But there’s plenty that’s original in this evocatively-told tale, not the least of which being that the two key protagonists are women: one a young leader, Kirym, with resources and wisdom beyond her years, and the other, Windrunner, Kirym’s mentor from another tribe who has important lessons to teach her. This book definitely passes the Bechtel Test—a refreshing change. If I’d worried about not reading the first title in the series, I needn’t have; as the story is complete in itself, although I’m tempted to go back now and read about Kirym and people of the Green Valley in their previous adventures in The Caves of Kirym. Or perhaps I’ll wait for the third instalment, which looks set to be a quest in search of Dragons… But for those who like a decent read, one that takes more than a single sitting to digest, then put The Fortress of Faltryn on your holiday shopping list, because at 395 pages of captivating reading, you’ll still be turning pages into the New Year.


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