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Lucas Pederson - Cryptid Force 6

I'm thrilled to welcome Severed Press author Lucas Pederson to my blog today. Lucas' titles for Severed include a bunch of kick-ass horror thrillers. Here's my mini review of his sea thriller, Dark Waters, a fast-paced tale with Jörmungandr, an ancient Norse sea monster, as its central focus:

Welcome Lucas!

Lee: I hear you're writing a new series, featuring a new elite military team - the sort of thing Jake Bible fans might be interested in. I know it's all a bit hush-hush at the moment, but please spill the beans. What can you tell us about Cryptid Force 6?

Lucas: Funny thing is, I really hadn't planned on writing a series. I mean, the idea was always in the back of my mind, partially buried in the dirt and forever trying to claw its way out, but I didn't think I was ready. Self-doubt plagues every artist and writers are no exception. Then, one night after working on my next sea monster novel, the series idea climbed out of the dirt and roared to the forefront of my mind. About a rag-tag, badass team brought together to save people from cryptids. Each book will feature a different cryptid and a new challenge for our characters. And so, Cryptid Force 6 was born. I'm about finished with the first book now, Cryptid Force 6: Arctic Snare, and should be released through Severed Press in the next month or so. 

Lee: Any chance we could have a sneak preview at the blurb?

Lucas: I hadn't yet written the blurb, so it'll be new, haha. I suck at blurbs...

Scientists discover something extraordinary in the icy tundra of the Arctic. But when a strange distress call is received, an elite group is assembled to go check on the scientists and facility. What they find will turn everything they know upside down and whatever escaped the facility is loose, leaving blood in its wake. 

It's up to the Cryptid Force 6 to track and stop what might very well be the death of them. In the blistering cold of the Arctic, no one can hear you scream.

Lee: Awesome. I can't wait to see how the Cryptid Force 6 series evolves. So, before you leave, can you tell us one thing about yourself that readers might find surprising?

Lucas: I'm terrified of heights! I mean, so terrified that I freeze up standing on a step ladder sometimes. Heart all a mess, I usually have to talk myself down. Even going up escalators doubles my heart rate in a matter of seconds. 

Lee: That's interesting because I'm terrified of heights, too. I get vertigo in high heels. I can't even stand driving when there is a drop on one side of the car (in that case, my husband has to do the driving). Thanks for dropping by Lucas! Good luck with the writing!

Lucas Pederson is the author of eight novels ranging from YA fantasy to adult horror. He lives in Iowa with his family, and they're pretty sure their cat is an alien. 


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