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Interview with a Mermaid

Welcome to Lee Murray’s New Zealand Speculative Fiction Show, an interview series featuring star acts from NZ’s science fiction, fantasy and horror community, including news, insights, and sneak-peeks of their latest performances.

Today’s guest is author the lovely Ashley L Knight, AKA The Mermaid Lady, author of the Fins trilogy, Falwyn: A Fairytale, and several spine chilling collaborative thrillers. Today she talks about her perspectives on New Zealand and the uniqueness of this country and the opportunities that offers for our storytellers.

Ashley is interviewed by New Zealand's best loved storyteller for children, Zebong, aka Lewis Morgan, who is also the author of children's titles The Climbing Competition and The First Storm of Autumn. Many thanks to Darcy Perry for editing this story. And if you're wondering where the interview is conducted, my guests are in the lovely Hamilton Botanical Gardens.

[The interview runs for 15 minutes, so make yourself some morning tea and listen in!]

For more information about Lewis and Ashley, check out their websites:

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