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Horror Vlogs and Pods Go Viral: The Pandemic and Beyond...

I had an absolute blast moderating this vibrant and informative pre-recorded panel with Carol Gyzander and James Chambers (Galactic Terrors), Michele Brittany and Nicholas Diak (HP Lovecast Podcast), RF Blackstone (Behind the Keyboards) and Kathryn E. McGee (HWA Skeleton Hour). I learned so much! For insights into some of the best vlogs and pods in horror, this is a must-watch. The panel will appear on this year's HWA StokerCon convention programming (May 20-23) and will be available throughout the conference for attendees to enjoy. For the moment, this content is exclusive to attendees, so make sure you sign up! And, good news: the conference is virtual, which means you can attend in your pyjamas! (USD$75) For registrations, use this LINK.

Horror pods and vlogs go viral: the pandemic and beyond

With the pandemic has come an explosion in demand for horror, including horror vlogs and podcasts as a means of connecting with authors and their stories. How have some of our favorite pods and vlogs established or reinvented themselves during the pandemic, and what plans do they have to stay current when people leave their couches and go out into the world...

For a list of all the contributor links, and to find the vlogs and pods listed, scroll down or click on the images.


TO VIEW: R.F. Blackstone channel on YouTube

2) GALACTIC TERRORS Second Thursdays at 8pm ET

Carol Gyzander

TO VIEW: Galactic Terrors channel on YouTube (and facebook live)

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Michele Brittany

Nicholas Diak

Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts

Published twice a month, with the primary episode on the first Sunday

and the supplemental Fragments episode on the third Sunday.


Kathryn E McGee

TO VIEW: HorrorWriters channel on YouTube

(and facebook live)

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