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Cabin fever hits hard during a winter. What's the craziest thing it made you do?

This question is lifted from author Sahar Sabati's informative Ask an Author series, which ran from 2015-2016 and included responses and reflections from English-speaking authors from around the globe. Since I'm often asked these questions by readers, I have republished my answers here with Sahar's kind permission.

I’m from sunny New Zealand, and it’s rare we get snowed in down here, although I have lived in London-England, Paris-France and Wisconsin in the United States, all places known for getting a bit of a dumping from time to time. On those occasions, I used to make buttermilk pancakes, shovel the driveway, and settle down on the sofa to attack my teetering to-be-read pile. So, not particularly crazy, but then it was only ever for a day here and there. But imagine if you were cooped up inside for years. My dystopian novelette Cave Fever in Regeneration explores this idea. The story tells of a group of teens who’ve spent their entire lives stuck in a small underground community of survivors. But certain events lead the teens to suspect that they’ve been lied to, that the world at the Earthface isn’t as scorched and blackened as they’ve been lead to believe…

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