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The Wrong Boy

How I came across this book is interesting in itself. A student’s writing was so compelling, so adult, so chillingly accurate that I thought it wise to check it for plagiarism, and in doing so I discovered this book. I used one-click to buy a copy and read the first few chapters. I couldn’t find any evidence that the student had plagiarised the material, but I could certainly understand her being inspired by it. The Wrong Boy is a raw and poignant story of the Holocaust told from the perspective of Hanna Mendel, a fifteen-year-old scholarship music student who is marched off to a concentration camp in a cattle truck, guilty of wearing a yellow star. With echoes of Anne’s own story, in The Wrong Boy there are unspeakable atrocities, quiet disappearances, unexpected heroes, and the most fragile of young love. For a new take on a story that must never be forgotten, this one is a must-read.


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