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Steel Blood – a review

Steel Blood, by JL Gribble Against an intricate backdrop of class, race and gender prejudices, court and political protocols, and some very fiery personalities, JL Gribble’s Steel Blood is a story for our time, a world building fantasy marvel, which is both effortless and exceptional. The third adventure in her Steel Empires series, Steel Blood revisits vampire Master, Victory, the sole vampire in the neutral city-state of Limani. For the past century, Victory’s role has been to mediate between the supernatural and human populations in the safe zone between the British and Roman Empires, but when her former lover, the...

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Interview with a Vampire

Interview with a Vampire — an interview with Victory, the Vampire Master of Limani, from Steel Blood, by JL Gribble Engaged to protect the Princess Zhinu from subversive elements operating within the Qin Empire, mercenary Victory is accompanying the British trade delegation on the ship Xianfeng. Currently, Victory is the vampire Master of the City of Limani, a neutral city-state between the British and Roman colonies, where she helps maintain order between the human and supernatural populations. The delegation is heading for the Qin colony city of Jiang Yi Yue. En route, we were able to secure a rare interview...

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Hounds of the Underworld

Hounds of the Underworld, by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray …a wild and gruesome treat, packed with mystery, action, and dark humor. Horror fans will devour it!” — Jeff Strand, author of Wolf Hunt Filled with an incredible unity of voice and magnificent world building, Hounds of the Underworld was impossible to put down. I was hooked on the first page.” — Jake Bible, Bram Stoker Award-nominated novelist and author of Z-Burbia, Mega, and Salvage Merc One A dark tech-noir so near to our future, it could be tomorrow, hard-boiled and hair-raising! One of the best speculative fiction novels ever written.”— Paul...

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Getting Help with Your Writing

Hi Lee, I got your name from [insert place/person] and I was wondering if… Sorry, no. As much as I’d like to help, as much as I’d love to read your manuscript, query letter, or excerpt and give you some pointers on how to improve it, which publishers to approach and whether there is any market for it, I really can’t. I hate having to say this because I love speculative fiction. I love reading love YA and middle grade and horror. And I’m extremely flattered that you have sufficient trust in my skills and experience to approach me for...