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Indelible Ink – a review

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of supernatural crime-noir stories, or the quirky cross-genre offerings of the Dog Star imprint, so picking up Matt Betts’ Indelible Ink was an easy choice.  Harder, was putting it down. Betts’ writing is fresh and fast-paced, and so dead-on accurate you might think he’d once been a teenage girl. Indelible Ink’s key character is twenty-something teen, Deena Riordan, a cross between Dexter and The Hulk, although somewhat prettier. An elusive ink stain Deena’s arm, imbues her with some darkly supernatural powers that she struggles to control. To hide from her past sins, she...


What’s in it for me?

One of the writing organisations I belong to is conducting a membership drive. To that end, we-the-committee divided up the lapsed members’ list and began the task of sending out personal emails to let people know what was happening in our community, what programmes and activities were on offer, and to ask them what we could be doing to get them to come back. And while everyone who’s replied to date has been polite, the responses have been interesting. First off, there were the folk who gasped in horror. I’ve let my membership slip? There were exclamations of ‘oh no’...


Congregations of the Dead – a review

Congregations of the Dead by James A Moore and Charles Rutledge is part Jack Reacher thriller, part episode of Supernatural. Explosive, compelling, and with break-neck pacing, it’s set in the small town of Wellman, Georgia, in the middle of a heat wave, where underage sex trafficking turns out to be the lesser of two evils for Sheriff Carl Price and private investigator friend Wade Griffin. The mysterious Reverend Cotton has turned up to spread his own brand of gospel in the southern town. There are simply no excuses for not picking up this book. Congregations of the Dead is a no-brainer,...


DeathBloom – a review

For those among us who love a dark and twisted story, but aren’t so keen on gluts of blood and viscera, World Horror Master Michael Collings gives us his latest ‘cosy horror mystery’ DeathBloom. An experimental novel ‒ Collings tells us himself in the footnotes ‒ DeathBloom was written entirely by the seat of his pants, employing two characters from former novels (elderly sleuth Ms Victoria Spears and her slightly younger friend, Lynn Hanson) and a previously conjured setting, Shadow Valley, a place that is both isolated and disturbing. And Collings didn’t stop there. He added further constraints, requiring that...