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Awards Season!

It’s awards time, and while Into the Mist didn’t make it past the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards, I’m delighted to announce that the work has made the finals of the Australian Shadows Awards, which recognise excellence in horror and dark fiction in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. The Shadows have one of the most incredibly dark and creepy trophies in existence!  I’m not getting my hopes up though: Kaaron Warren’s The Grief Hole, and Greg Chapman’s Bram Stoker Nominated Hollow House are among those on the list, but it’s great to see Into the Mist is...


Where the Dead Go To Die

I’m thrilled to welcome my Refuge Collection colleague, Mark Allan Gunnells, co-author of Where the Dead Go to Die, his newest title released last month by Crystal Lake and already making the best-of lists. I know you write a strong short story with The Refugees perhaps the most relevant tale of the Refuge Collection charity project. When did you decide writing was for you? Can you tell us a bit about your journey to Where the Dead Go to Die? I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I really believe I was simply born to be a storyteller. It...


Snafu: Black Ops

  When I was a kid, my dad spent a year or two as the manager one of the largest shopping malls in New Zealand, so I learned a few things about mall design, and a key element is to ensure you have some big draw-card department stores on either end of the mall. Big stores like Sears and Myers and K-Mart. Department or grocery stores selling reliable solid products that keep people coming back. The same is true for anthologies, and in Snafu: Black Ops the big-store anchors are a Jonathan Maberry and Bryan Thomas Schmidt combo as the...


Off the charts monster thriller!

This weekend, I’m off to Sydney. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to meeting a heap of my colleagues from over the ditch, including the lovely folk at Cohesion, and thriller writer Greig Beck. Okay, so I might be jumping up and down here like a little fangirl. I’m a long-time fan of Beck’s work ‒ reading every one of his books in the first days after its release ‒ so I’m excited to finally meet the man behind some of my favourite stories, and only days after the release of his latest heart-pounding blood-draining yarn, Fathomless. Greig Beck does it...