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Beyond This Age 2013

Beyond This Age… …the fairies are cantankerous, mermaids are devious, skaltons have pushed through the portal and reflections are not to be trusted. In this collection of speculative and fantasy stories by New Zealand intermediate students, our newest young writers reveal what the next age might hold. But with murderous governments, ruthless aliens and even scheming apple trees, the future looks decidedly uncomfortable. Luckily, teleporters, antigravity machines and rescue dragons offer a sprinkle of hope.


Write Off Line 2012

You Don’t Understand… A diary reveals its secrets, a crowd gathers for a game of rugby, a sole wolf howls in the night, hapless alchemists escape a dungeon, a rocket ship spins out of orbit, and on a bus bound for Wellington, two teenagers hatch a plan… Write off Line 2012 brings together writing by New Zealand secondary school students, giving us their perspective on the world, and in their own words. Not afraid of tough subjects, this collection includes stories and poems about abuse, prejudice, neglect, and loss. But nor is it without hope; evident in the soft touch...