Baby Teeth

baby teeth cover hires 195x300 Baby TeethKids can say the creepiest things.

Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Collected Work
Australian Shadows Awards for Best Edited Work

Twenty seven authors delve into the strange, unexpected, and downright terrifying things that kids say in this collection of all new short stories. From the mouths of babes comes Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror. Thirty-seven stories, from the haunting to the hideous to the horrific.

 This Halloween, beware the pitter patter of little feet…

My own childhood, like many others, was filled with creatures under the bed, monsters in the closet, and nightmares waiting to be exhumed with every sleeping moment. And so it is with ‘Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror’, edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray. The short stories are fresh and uncompromising, providing glimpses into the world of childhood nightmares from the child’s imagined perspective and, of course, from the adult authors who penned them. In itself the book is an interesting sociological experiment and the multifaceted stories reflect a multitude of experience and interpretations of the child’s mind at play in the realm of horror, both real and imagined. Like all collections of this scope there are those stories that stand out amongst the throng. Standout stories for me were the macabre tales; Burying Baby by Paul Mannering, Tarantella Moon by Dan Rabarts, and Peter and the Wolf by Lee Murray. Overall, the collection is strong and will hold up well over time – nice to see a large contingent of New Zealand authors represented here. — Wookie

The strength of this collection comes from the sometimes disturbing exploration of taboo emotions from the unique lens of childhood innocence without the typical blanket of adult rationalization. — Sahar Sabati

Lee Murray

Lee Murray is an award-winning writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. She lives with her family in the Land of the Long White Cloud where she conjures up stories for readers of all ages from her office on the porch. When she has time, she also provides assessment services for selected writers.

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  1. Sahar Sabati says:

    Great book! I loved reading it, and hope the authors will consider collaborating on something else, and soon!

    • Lee Murray says:

      Thanks Sahar! I hope there’ll be more collaborations too, but perhaps in a few days; I’m still recovering from the launch! Thanks for posting the first review of Baby Teeth.

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